I am Sharon Iheanyichukwu by name.I am a Nigerian and i hail from Imo State. I am a college student who has taken interest in blogging. I don’t have a specified topic like fashion design or recipes. I blog about everything regardless the topic. I blog because there are things which need to be said out loud these things are within our society and beyond and they have the reasons for our societal problems and I have just the perfect news on them. I call them the eye opener news. Like I said before I am blogging about everything that people deserve to know but don’t have the opportunity to know because they do not have the proper news sources. I am writing for the public who have interest in my blogs providing them with good and quality information that they will find useful. As much as I blog for people I love that they get involved in my blogs and that would be by following me to get my latest news and also discussing their ideas with me. If anyone has something that they want to be blogged about it’s best that they discuss it with me and I’ll do my best and put effort into it. In as much as I love blogging I have goals on what I want my blog to be like. In the course of the long run I want my blog to be a place where people come to get solutions to their questions. Questions that have troubled them I want my blog to be a place where people come to get all the juicy stuff that they want.

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